A Spotify playlist for your workout

A while back I started working out again and I love doing my daily dose of sports with some music around my head. At first I was to lazy to set up my own workout playlist but after spending some time crawling the web for anything that accommodates my taste, I noticed I had to get my hands dirty. Otherwise I would have to use one of those gazillion playlists that only consist of Hip-hop and R&B tunes or even worse brainy and annoying Techno mixes. I could never work out with something like that. They are not at all motivational and, considering the Hip-hop and R&B tunes, way too slow in tempo.

So I took the time and created my own workout playlist out of my collection. I am sure that I might not be the only person who likes to work out with real music like some uptempo rock and pop tunes and so I am sharing the playlist with you via Spotify. Feel free to subscribe to it, as I will extend it with new tracks every once in a while. Hope you like it!

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