It’s finally happening: HDD shipments starting to drop massively


It’s finally going down: HDDs are on the decline. AnandTech has a (just as always) thorough analysis of the market in first quarter of 2016 and I see what I expected to happen for quite a while now.

Looking at the data (most graphs on page 2 of the article), there is clear signs that the phase-out of HDDs for consumer products has begun. The declines are almost exclusively happening to the non-enterprise(-ish) products, and that is good. I swapped my last HDD into an SSD about three years ago and have never looked back. Especially when it comes to mobile computing in laptops, HDDs are just the wrong kind of storage. Spinning platters, and moving heads have no place inside of a device that moves just as much.

Unfortunately I still see a lot of HDDs in today’s computers, even those that are currently being sold. Of course it’s a cheaper option, so entry-level devices will probably take a few more years to finally become SSD-only. But for anyone having just the slightest interest in future-proofness of a newly bought computer: for sakes of sanity—get an SSD.

For the enterprise kind of storage (mass storage), the HDD has a lot more to offer versus SSDs. Even though capacity for solid-state storage is increasing rapidly, the sizes currently achieved by magnetic storage devices (especially the upcoming Helium-filled models) just dwarf SSDs in the grand scheme of things. And where latencies and vibrational robustness are not that important but priving is—a spinning platter will stay the number one choice for a long time.