Starting the final equipment collection


Today, with only a few things left to buy, I started the final equipment collection for my cycling tour. I occupied the living room to lay it all down on the floor; first to visualize what’s there and what’s missing, and second to make assembling the rack bags easier. It’s just nice to be able to collect all items from a single point. Oh yeah, and I had a little giphy fun in the process.

I feel fairly well prepared right now. The next few days I will be checking the weather forecast more frequently, and decide the final selection of clothing only the day before take-off. But I thing going with mostly short-sleeved things will be fine, as long as I pack my rain protection (D’uh).

My tour equipment so far. A few items are still missing but I am generally satisfied.

As hinted at by the bright orange handlebar bag in the upper left, my bags are a set of Ortlieb subsidized Back-Roller Classics with the matching Rack-Pack. That results in about 111 litres of packing space in total. So far I think it will suffice but I am still open to the option of getting some Sport-Roller Classic last-minute for the front rack of my bike. When the final planned parts of stuff arrive on Monday (clothing bags, and a proper travel-safe mug for my morning coffee), I will wrap it all up into the bags and throw stuff around until it fits.

As seen in the lower right on the picture: in regards to food on the trip I am trying something out: I will be bringing at least three bags of Joylent Jimmy Joy as a reliable nutritional energy source, and adapt with regular meals as they come up throughout the day. I have been drinking Jimmy Joy occasionally for quite a while now, as it is a convenient alternative to jamming in some junk food, when in a hurry. It takes some getting used to since you are not chewing it, and it doesn’t real feel like a full meal. But it does give you everything you need, and its caloric content is just as good as regular outdoor / trekking food, with only a fraction of its price per meal. I know I won’t be able to carry enough Jimmy Joy to last the entire trip (at least not if I don’t go for the additional panniers) but it makes me more confident to have a definite meal for at least a few days. I’m really looking forward to how that turns out.