Vacation by bike 2017: Preparations


This year I wanted to do something different, and I had this idea stuck in my mind for quite a long time: In 2012 I made an attempt on a two-week vacation by bike. It flopped though, since my bike broke down.

By now it has been replaced and I want to try it again. In a few days I am going to leave for another tour; the route is called Mönchsweg! That’s more religious touch than I wished for and I would have liked to avoid that. But the route is nice, and distance and direction are perfect. There’s also an option to add a second stance to the tour. I feel like I learned a lot from the failed attempt from 2012 and I am inspired by the overly successful tour of Patrick (German site). I won’t be able to keep up with a ride across Sweden but the route I chose is of considerable distance anyway: from Bremen to the Fehmarnbelt at the Baltic Sea I will travel around 557 kilometres.

From Bremen, omitting Hamburg, heading for Fehmarnbelt – the Mönchswegs route

Since I will be travelling on my own and have to carry all of my equipment, I have to proceed planning with a certain efficiency. Again, I have been inspired by Patrick in many regards, altough I am applying varying accents for my trip: my AeroPress has to come with me. To better organize the preparations I am using, one of the best productivity apps I know for Mac and iOS. For weeks I have been throwing ideas, thoughts, and suggestions into a project therein, so I won’t forget anything. It’s working extremely good for me, since brain dumping all ideas immediately clears the head again. as the ideal organisational tool

ToDo lists are really handy with Things, and its affinity towards Getting Things Done is a big bonus. Since using the app I am way more organized in daily life, and I greatly recommend it to everyone who’s struggling to many juggling too many balls at once. Which I definitely do.

So a few more days until I’ll start and I want to give a few updates along the way. That, too, will be incomparable to the meticulous chronicles that Patrick created but a few impressions will certainly pop up here. See you then!