Doing things on the internet.

Hey, I'm Jan!

I am a software engineer based in Hanover, Germany. I have been writing software professionally for more than 9 years, most of it in Python. I have implemented Django-based web applications as well as backend systems, and tend to put an emphasis on build and deployment automation. I like taking care of the tooling around the software development lifecycle, including automated builds, testing and deployment toolchain as part of Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD). I have worked extensively with software solutions like GitLab CI and GitHub Actions, and I am a bit of a Git nerd.

New challenges and learning from others is something I truly enjoy. Being easily enthused by great ideas helps me to discover new things every day and as an autodidact I quickly push forward into previously unknown realms. I am a little perfectionist, and prefer clean code over quick-and-dirty attempts. I want to get things right and believe that perseverance pays off in the long-run. Being mostly self-taught also makes me to recognize the enormous benefit of creating and maintaining well-written documentation for the systems I build.

Generally speaking, I like helping people and enabling them to live a better life or become more successful in doing what they love. I value tolerance, equality, and a diverse, open and inclusive society. I believe that being a software developer is one of the most versatile skills in contributing to those values and empowering people while at the same time being mindful of those situations that call for empathy and humanity instead of a technology-based solution.

When I am not doing things on the Internet, I am probably out taking photos, trying a new fancy and hipstery coffee brewing method, or having a day off at the sauna, all of which I enjoy very much.

Thank you for stopping by. See you around! 👋