Hi, I am Jan Willhaus.

I am a Bachelor of Engineering in Hearing Technology and Audiology from Oldenburg, Germany. After graduating I began changing careers and took the opportunity to work as a software engineer / support engineer / DevOps engineer / Girl Friday at my alma mater. The position allowed my to take a deep dive into Python development with an emphasis Django and the web, which helps me create custom-tailored software solutions for staff and students to use. In addition to that I am administering various third-party services and websites, and handle support requests — I am the go-to guy for everything tech-related at the department, and I try to keep my knowledge well-rounded into every aspect of current technology. Being easily enthused by great ideas helps me to discover new things every day and being a good autodidact allows me to quickly explore previously unknown realms.

In the near future I am hoping to complete my career pivot and become a software developer full-time. I enjoy building new tools and platforms that help people and enable them to live a better life or become more successful in doing what they love. Being a developer is one of the most versatile and empowering skills to achieve that, and I hope to learn a lot from others on how to accomplish that. If you feel like my mindset and I can be an asset to you or your company — please do not hesitate to contact me.

When I am not doing things on the Internet, I am probably out taking photos, trying some weird new hipstery coffee brewing method, or having a day off at the sauna, which I enjoy very much.

Thank you for stopping by. See you around! 👋